BPT Fadini F/611 | DGT 61 Keypad Partially Recess Mounted

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BPT Fadini F/611 | DGT 61 Keypad Partially Recess Mounted

BPT Fadini F/611 | DGT 61 Keypad Partially Recess Mounted

This digital keypad is a custom-encoded control device, mainly designed to open and close automatic access systems, it can be used for other compatible applications.

DGT 61 consists of a Keypad (in an anti-corrosion treated aluminium casing, in two options either to be partially recessed or surface mounted) cable connected (x4 wires) to the Main PCB.

The keypad incorporates the button keys, illuminated in blue from the back. The electronic card is protected inside a plastic, clear "shell": the back support allows for the terminal connections, and the button switches are covered by a padding, fixed to the back support. All these components are covered by a stainless steel front plate having laser printed numbers and terminal diagram on it.

DGT 61 programming is simple and immediate and is made possible by Dip-switches on the main PCB. Each channel can take up to 4 different numerical codes maximum. Also other professionally advanced functions can be achieved on this unit by means of the two relays (bistable outputs, timed bistable outputs, output delay, ect.) and they can be enabled by the Dip-switches on the main PCB; other control applications are also made possible either outdoor (eg. illumination, alarm systems and watering) or indoor with door/gate automatic systems, etc. Any functions/encoding can be always "reset" through the access code.

LED's are fitted on the keypad to help with programming and encoding phases: a green led (correct action) and a red led (wrong action or stop button pressed). A third blue led, in fixed light mode, indicates that the board is on voltage and allows for the keypad to be easilly identified at night.


  • Power supply - 12-24Vda/ac
  • Connections to the keypad - 4x0.5mm2
  • Keypad absorption - 15mA
  • Stand-by relay absorption - 4mA
  • Energized relay absorption - 27mA

Technical Specifications:

  • Working temperature - -20 degrees C +80 degrees C
  • N.O. channels - 2
  • N.C. channels - 1
  • Communication distance - max 100m
  • Output contacts - 1A-125V-60V
  • Keypad protection standards - IP54
  • PCB protection standards - IP53
More Information
Brand Fadini
Type Stand Alone
Operating Voltage 24.0 Volt AC
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