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POLO 44 Photocells


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Fadini POLO 44 Photocells

These photocells are a safety device consisting of an infrared, modulated light projector and receiver to create an invisible beam barrier which protects an area of operation in case the beam is interrupted by an obstacle. On Interrupting the beam of light, the internal relay switch changes instantaneously from normally closed to open, and a safety control system is activated. The receiver unit is fitted with an internal red led, which illuminates when an obstacle interposes between the photocells and cuts the beam of light. The projector and the receiver are to be aligned and centred for a correct performance.

Adjusting is by means of the three self-tapping screws in the front. The red led also provides indication of centering. The units are aligned if the red led is off and the lens is 'neutral'; if a 'red' light illuminates the lens, the photocells are not centred or not aligned. The casing, that houses the electronic components, is made of shock resistant, weather-proof materials. The inside nucleus is pre-heated to prevent condensation. A special device is incorporated inside the electronic P.C. board to prevent it from being affected by any other direct or reflected luminous source then that of the photocell projector. Keep the lens clear from dust, grass, webs etc. that may obstruct the photocells and inspect them every 6 months. All the electronic components are accurately selected to ensure maximum reliability and are guaranteed by a technical expertise consolidated over many years.

Technical specifications

  • Frequency of the modulated light.....1'100 Hz
  • Power supply.....24 Vac/dc
  • Projector absorption .....30 mA
  • Receiver absorption .....30 mA
  • Working temperature.....-10 degrees C +70 degrees C
  • Output contact .....1A - 125 V - 60 VA max
  • Distance range .....12 meters
  • Time of contact activation .....6 msec.
  • Protection standards .....IP 54
  • Dimensions .....72x72 mm, o 59, 37 mm thick
  • Type of material.....Nylon 30% G.F.

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