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CORAL 1081 Hydraulic Bollard


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CORAL 1081 Hydraulic Bollard

CORAL is an electro-hydraulic post for traffic control. The motor pomp is incorporated and pre-connected. This makes the unit easier to install. The cylindrical post is made of steel, has diametre of 100mm and can be commanded to rise from the ground level or lower by remote control.

Coral 1081(stroke 800mm) has all the essential component parts (motor pump and hydraulic actuator) are inside the location enclosure, which is made of cataphoresis treated steel, a special treatment to prevent rust, and designed to be sunk into the ground. The up and down movemets are carried out by the piston shaft, directly connected to the top of the post from inside the unit.

This automation is factory pre-set and calibrated making installation quick and easy in that no further adjusting is needed for proper operations. Just the electrical connections are required to be made on site for the electric motor and UP-cycle limit switch (10m cables each are supplied with the equipment) to the electronic control board Elpro S40. Once the post has been driven to the upper limit stroke, the motor is stopped by means of a water-tight, fully sealed limit switch (limit switch Rising), on descending the motor is stopped when the post reaches the end of the permitted down stroke.

The connections between the motor pump assembly, positioned in the front side of the automation, and the hydraulic actuator are by means of rigid copper pipes completely inside the foundation housing.

A shaped universal spanner is supplied with the post to over-ride the hydraulic circuit in the pump inside the enclosure and lower the unit by hand if required. The cover of the square enclosure is designed to remain clear of standing water or other fluids. A brim is fitted to protect the top edge of the post.

A back reflecting sticker, with red and yellow stripes, ensures full visibility of the post in daylight as well as in the dark, even in difficult weather conditions.

All Coral automations are individually tested to ensure best performance at Meccanica Fadini.


  • Duty cycle - 6s Rise - 30s Dwell - 6s Lower - 30s Dwell
  • Time of one complete cycle - 72s
  • Complete cycles Rise - Dwell - Lower - Dwell - No.50/hour
  • Cycles per year (8 hours service per day) - No.146000

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