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ELPRO 980 Controller for Bayy


£247.38 Inc VAT
£206.15 Ex VAT£217.00

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ELPRO 980 Controller for Bayy

This microprocessor electronic board to specifically control and command only the BAYT 980 barriers

Designed to be fitted inside a specific shock-proof plastic container into the the housing of the barrier BAYT 980 (into the top of it, under the cover), the control board ELPRO 980 includes all the features required to operate traffic barriers, made switch-able such as: open-stop-close operations either in automatic or semi-automatic modes, step by step by remote control, no travel reversing option on Opening by remote control, pre-flashing or non pre-flashing modes, flashing light ON or OFF options in dwell cycle, deadman (hold-on-switched) control on complete cycle or on closing only, gate status indication and diagnostic by leds. Main voltage connections are well separated by the low voltage circuit providing the connections to the control and safety accessories. It is also fitted with 5A fuses to protect the board and the motor, a 630mA primart transformer, and a 2A secondary transformer.

It is also possible to connect an external time clock to automatically open/closse the barrier at any required times, and an optional card to control a traffic light with 2 or 3 lamps.

A special logic feature is incorporated in the circuitry to ensure the atmost safety with the system, even when the motor is stopped, to prevent any motion of the beam unless the safety devices (such as the photocells, safety edges or loop detectors) are cleared of any obstacles.

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