BPT Fadini F/9804RH | 14 Second Right Handed Hydraulic Barrier

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BPT Fadini F/9804RH | 14 Second Right Handed Hydraulic Barrier

BPT Fadini F/9804RH | 14 Second Right Handed Hydraulic Barrier

This Fadini operator is a road barrier used to prevent and completely restrict the full width of any driveway or road access.

Designed for continuous use

The Bayt 980 road barrier features innovative components and is designed for use in circumstances requiring heavy duty performance, guaranteeing a reliability quality standard that represents the operator's distinguishing feature.

A single compact body

The product's structure includes a painted, treated steel plate support post, with a shaped, reinforced interior housing the electronic management programmer and the motor-main unit Ñhydraulic piston - compression spring unit. This unit is assembled as a single compact body, making the Bayt 980 practical and reliable, without loose components requiring difficult installation and maintenance operations.

New arm section

With its elliptical section, the entire length of the anodised aluminium arm is devoid of dangerous edges, to guarantee total safety. The section also includes a lower runner for the optional installation of aluminium fences (barrier attached below the arm) or rubber safety strips. The arm is provided in two separate lengths (3.20 and 2.10 metres), for connection with an inner expansion joint that makes it possible to cover any carriageway width.

In order to make the barrier visible at night, the following accessories are available:

- as standard issue, red reflective adhesive strips to be applied on the arm

- as an optional, flashing red LEDs, to be fitted to the entire length of the arm (request upon ordering).

The moving arm has a fixed fork-shaped or folding pedestal. The barrier action is guaranteed by the rotation of the arm. Articulated arms are available subject to specific request for access to covered areas and underground garages.

A hinge-mounted painted and treated steel sheet door grants access to the components inside when using a customized toothed key. A voltage cut out switch is supplied as standard issue in order to interrupt the power supply to the programmer inside when the door is opened. A treated and painted aluminium cover covers the top of the support post housing the limit switches and designed for the installation of the Miri 4 flashing light. Installation requires prior cement embedding of the anchorage base with brackets screwed in and protruding for the subsequent clamping to the Bayt 980 operator.

Smooth, silent operation

The hydraulic operation of the arm is silent and smooth, with deceleration approaching closing end (variable interval) and opening when the arm is vertical (fixed deceleration). The force developed by the piston can be adjusted using the maximum hydraulic pressure regulators during opening and closing. A compression spring facilitates arm ascent operations even in manual release situations consequent to electric power failure.

The Bayt 980 is provided:

- complete with installation and maintenance instructions

- calibrated and tested to suit the specific application

- right- or left-handed operation

- two-colour paint or AISI 304 stainless steel inox version (contains stainless steel internal structural and operative components).

Each individual Bayt 980 component is developed, checked and tested in the Meccanica Fadini factories to guarantee the product's quality and professional standard.

***Special Carriage Charges Apply***


  • Innovative components
  • Painted, treated steel plate support post
  • Reinforced interior housing
  • Silent and smooth operation

Technial Specifications:

  • Anodised aluminium arm
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