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STRABUC 930 Strong C/W Security Lock


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STRABUC 930 Strong C/W Security Lock

This retractable cylindrical post designed to stop and control traffic access. The post is 12mm thick, made of Fe steel, cataphoresis treated to prevent rust corrosion and finished wuth paint coating.

The post is designed to vertically move in a flanged cylindrical housing (this is made of Fe steel and cataphoresis treated), which is fixed into a foundation sleeve, ie. a cylindrical container set into the ground in a concrete foundation. The up and down motions of the traffic control post are allowed by means of an inner electro-hydraulic mechanism consisting of a motor pump unit that vertically operates a piston inside an actuator supported by three guide rods. These have the purpose to steadily drive the post to fully up and down limit positions of the piston stroke. Two electro-mechanical limit switches stop the motor unit when the post has reached either ends of the permitted stroke.

The post has 9 amber yellow LED lights radially fitted to the post upper end to flash while the post is moving up and down, or while it is standing to stop traffic. A back reflecting sticker, with red and yellow stripes, ensures full visibility of the post in daylight as well as in the dark, even in difficult weather conditions.

A rubber protection around the post top prevents any danger from sharp edges. A "Beeper" can be fitted (on request) to acoustically signal only when the post is moving. The optionals available include the armoured lock barrel that can only be removed using the personalised key, which lends the traffic post greater protection against forced entry.

A solenoid valve can be fitted (on request) to the inner mechanism to by-pass the oil-hydraulic circuit and allows the post to lower automatically in an emergency situation in case of power failure.

A manual over-ride is standard, though, with the whole range of posts and allows the post to be lowered manually by means of a spanner in case of an emergency. This spanner has an end with a triangular socket in it to enable the emergency teams (the firemen for instance) to manually operate the post.

It is factory fitted with 10 m cables. The motor-pump, limit switches, Led lights, beeper (if requested) and the solenoid valve (if requested) are pre-wired. An aluminium collar seals the gap between the post and the housing, and provides a stylish touch to the whole installation. Bench and severe field test ensure reliability, longer life and impact resistance and confirm the high quality of Strabuc 930 in the product range of Meccanica Fadini.

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