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ELPRO S40 Control Panel


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ELPRO S40 Control Panel

This control panel is fitted with microprocessor, specially designed to operate the Strabuc, Coral and Vigilo range of electro-hydraulic bollards. Its main feature is the option to be able to control up to 4 bollards at the same time.

Among the main features, the following operation modes are included: automatic or semi-automatic closing, hold-on-switched control (ie. deadman control), reversing or non-reversing options by remote control on opening cycle, step-by-step mode with stop in between, service lights, pedestrian opening with motor 1. Terminals are provided, fitted onto the board near the motor supply outputs, for the separate connection of additional starting capacitors if required.

It is designed to take a plug-on radio receiver card and an extra (optional) card to interface with 3 lamp traffic lights (Red, Yellow and Green).

Elpro S40 includes a separate terminal board for the connection of an electrovalve, allowing the post to lower in case the electric power is interrupted.

An I.S.C. (Integrity Supervision Circuit) is also incorporated with Elpro S40: this circuit is designed to scan the whole electronic board and detect possible faults affecting any component or incorrect functioning of any accessories connected to the system. Once a fault is detected, sopposed that the system is fitted with an electrovalve, the post is automaticaly lowered; in the cases where the electrovalve is not included, ISC prevents the motor/s from any operation.

Removable terminal boards allow easy connection operations. Fuses are fitted to protect the main components such as the voltage supply input, the transformer and the low voltage circuit.

Technical Data

  • Supply Voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Electric motor voltage output: 230V 50Hz
  • Low voltage output: 24V - 10W
  • Motor max. power output: 330W x 4
  • Line fuses: 630mA
  • Protection Standards: IP 437
  • Box dimensions: 280x200x110 mmm
  • Box material: Polycarbonate
  • Box Color: Grey

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