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BPT Fadini ELPRO 23 Controller Single Phase


This product is discontinued
No replacement or alternative is available



BPT Fadini Elpro 23 controller Single Phase With 24VDC output

"ELPRO 23" represents the latest state of the art technology for control panels. It is extremely versatile and can meet the most requirements.

It has the same functions as ELPRO 9 and incorporates additional advantages as follows: Stroke Reversing Pulse, Pedestrian Operating Mode (where one leaf only can be operated allowing people to walk in/out), STOP and HOLD function by keeping the remote control button pressed down).

Further improvements can be noted in the "ELPRO 23" panel:

  • Addition of a 1 A fuse to the 24 V circuit as a protection for the accessories (remote control - photocells - etc.) which are connected to the terminals 12 - 13 and for the panel itself in that it can prevent short circuit during installation.
  • The pulse to the electric lock has an adjustable time so that the electric lock can be released with an anticipation of 100 mS before the gate starts moving.
  • A 24V 3W lamp indicates gate operations (Gate CLOSED = Lamp OFF - Gate in OPEN cycle = Lamp flashes slowly - Gate OPEN = Lamp stays ON without flashing - Gate in CLOSE cycle = Lamp flashes fast).
  • It provides a better switching intelligence design to enhance the reliability of the relays.
  • The Motor Run Time is independent from the Leaf Delay Time in close cycle (the delay time is automatically added to the duration of the opening time).
  • The 8 DIP-switches can be arranged into any of the possible patterns to achieve the required operating modes without any risk of interference with one another.


  • OPEN and CLOSE pulses to allow one cycle only in case a button is stuck down.
  • "HOLD OPEN GATES" feature. The panel set on automatic reclosing mode; it is possible to connect a switch or timeclock to the OPEN terminal to hold the gate open for the required period of time.
  • Auxiliary 24 V D.C. 150 mA max. OUTPUT.
  • In addition to the features which you already know and the LED indication outputs that are standard with the existing panel, the following additional features have been included with the new unit: 1 No. 5A-150 mA change-over contact.This can be used to connect signal lights such as traffic lights (for instance you can connect two external lamps 1 red, 1 green). 4 Nos. N.O. solid state switch outputs designed to allow the connection of 24 V D.C. relay coils without protecting diodes.

    The 4 switches are excited individually to indicate the following gate status: OPENING - OPEN - CLOSING - CLOSED. 12 V A.C. / 24 V D.C. electric lock output. The duration of the pulse to the lock can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer. 12 V D.C./A.C. relay with N.O. contacts for the connection of an Intercom Entry System.


    • Supply Voltage 240 V - 50 Hz
    • Voltage Output 240 V - 25 Hz
    • Low Voltage Output 24 V - 10 W
    • E.M. Power Output 1'100 W
    • Line Fuses 5 A
    • Secondary Fuses 0.5 A
    • Dimensions of the Container 280x200x140 mm
    • IP Standards IP 437

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