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COMBI 740 110 KIT DL


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Fadini COMBI 740 110 KIT DL

This Fadini operator for swinging gates is designed for below-ground installation and to be positioned at the foot of the gate, perpendicular to the hinge supporting the gate to be opened. This version goes with 110 degrees rotation angle.

Compact design for easy installation

The all-in-one unit incorporating the basic enclosure and the hydraulic jack pump/motor set has been specifically designed for problem-free installation. The mechanism is supplied fully functional and no adjustment or hydraulic oil top-ups are necessary. The enclosure is sunk in concrete next to the pillar, ensuring that the surface edge is perfectly horizontally aligned and on a level with the ground.

COMBI 740 operators are right- or left-handed and are clearly marked D for right-hand and S for left-hand versions, accordingly.

Perfection in each and every detail, for total security

To guarantee safety against crushing, the motor pump unit is fitted with pressure valves that are conveniently located for torque adjustments yet protected to prevent tampering.

The two-way hydraulic locking device is built into the valve assembly, works automatically inside the hydraulic circuit to interrupt the oil hydraulic circuit and hold firmly the gate in open and closed positions. The main torque shaft is manufactured using specially treated steel to bear considerable static load, torque and overload (including strain exerted manually) meeting high performance demand.

The oil-hydraulic jack is available with an opening and closing deceleration function on request. On request, it is also possible to order a non-locking operator to allow the application of an electric lock to hold the gate closed. The electric supply cable sealed to the bottom of the oil tank and connected to the electric motor is long-lasting, weather-proof and resists temperature changes, thanks to the special cable sheath that encloses the three power wires and an earth wire, which are all clearly marked.

The entire oil-hydraulic unit is commanded by a dedicated programmer with a highly reliable electronic circuit. In the event of a power cut, manual gate opening is made possible by a mechanical release shoe that can be applied between the jack shaft and foot of the gate and can be activated by a specifically designed spanner.

In addition to the pressure cast aluminium cover, on request a stainless steel cover is available that makes the operator even more elegant and safe over time.

The COMBI 740 gate operator is built in the Meccanica Fadini factories and is the result of years of research, studies and specific tests to guarantee its quality and reliability over time.

Two-phase class H electric motor

  • Power output: 0.18KW (0.25HP)
  • Absorbed power: 250W
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Supply voltage: 230V +/- 10%
  • Absorbed current: 1.2A
  • Capacitor: 12.5 micro F
  • Motor rotation speed: 1'350 r.p.m.
  • Intermittent service: S3

Double stroke jack and oil-hydraulic pump

  • P3 - Hydraulic pump capacity: 0.85 l/1'
  • Average working pressure: 1 MPa (10bar)
  • Maximum supplied pump pressure: 3 MPa (30bar)
  • Working temperature: -20 degrees C to + 80 degrees C
  • 110 degree rotation time : 23 s
  • Hydraulic oil type: Oil Fadini
  • Shaft rotation: 110 degrees
  • Rated torque: 235 Nm
  • Piston diameter: 75 mm
  • Piston stroke: 52 mm
  • Weight of Combi 740 with accessories: 27 Kg
  • Protection standard: IP 67
  • Maximum static leaf gate: 700 Kg (1.0 m gate width) - 350 Kg (2.8 m gate width)
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 475x305x130 mm


  • Service cycle: 23s opening-30s dwell-23s closing-30s dwell
  • Complete cycle time: 106 s
  • Complete Opening-Dwell-Closing-Dwell cycles: 34/hour
  • Annual cycles (with 8 hours of use per day): 99,000


  • Time to turn through 175 degrees : 28 s
  • Hydraulic pump flowrate - P3 0.85 l/1'

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