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APROLI 280 Articulated Arm Kit for a Pair of Gates


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APROLI 280 Articulated Arm Kit for a Pair of Gates

APROLI 280 gate operator has been designed to suit applications where large pillars are involved and the gates can hang in any required position. The distance between the gate and the motor is taken up by an articulated arm that can be adjusted on site during installation. The anti-crush design ensures maximum safety for people during operations.

Aproli 280 is made up of a motor pump and a jack coupled together to make a dual assembly, ie. oil-hydraulic and mechanical, performing as one unit, very compact in size. The driving force in open and close operations is controlled by safety pressure valves, which ensure smooth, anti-crush movements of the equipment in full respect of safety and security.

The hydraulic jack is made of pressure cast aluminium; all the parts that are required to generate and transmit semi-rotary motion are made of treated steel to ensure long lasting performance. The rotary motion is activated by pressurized oil, through an electric motor and a steel "Iobe" pump, which transmits the motion to the jack from right to left and from left to right.

Aproli 280 has a stylish cover, very pleasing to the eye. It is fitted with a small door that has a custom-toothed key and allows the release lever to be activated for manual operation of the gates in events like power failure. After power has been restored, the lever is to be brought back to its locking condition.

Aproli 280 can be operated through a control box that incorporates the electronics of the system; it is very reliable and allows all the required operations to be performed at a distance by a remote control radio set, totally personalized through an encoding system, a keyswitch with custom-made key, or a digital keypad; for the safety of people and properties the system can be completed with photocells, and a flashing lamp can provide a perfectly visible warning signal. Aproli 280 has been designed to provide ease of installation both during fixing to gate posts and wiring. Each Fadini operator is delivered with an enclosed installation manual providing clear and precise instructions and diagrams of the fixing operations step by step.

Totally developed in the workshops of Meccanica Fadini, a company with more than thirty years' experience in the field of electrohydraulic and electro-mechanical gate automation, to ensure highly technological, reliable products to the end users.

Main Features

  • For gates with elaborate and large pillars
  • Fast and compact installation
  • Protected manual release with customized key
  • Hydraulic driving force adjustment
  • Articulated arm that can be adjusted to 3 different lengths

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