Door Entry Direct is a key distribution partner of BPT Security UK. They have been widely recognised as a market leader for products like BPT intercoms in the UK market for over 30 years. Their large variety of award winning products ranging from boxed intercom kits to bespoke designed BPT door entry systems are desired by architects and property developers.

The BPT intercom range of systems remains at the cutting edge of access control technology. From simple multi wire audio door entry systems to fully integrated IP, BPT continue in the intercom market. With the addition of BPT GSM and BPT wireless network technologies, every scenario can be catered for delivering the technical quality that has cemented the reputation of BPT entry products for over fifty years. From the most basic single handset kit to developments of thousands of apartments with seamless AV integration, BPT has the perfect solution.

BPT System X1

2 non-polarised wires: unbeatable performance, long distance coverage, reduced costs. A single non-polarised two-wire cable can connect up to 100 receivers: rapid installation and low cost.

BPT System 200

The outstanding feature of the BPT System 200 is its great versatility. With just 4 common wires + coaxial cable (or twisted pair) for connecting receivers, a whole series of additional functions are available for improved system performance without having to add more cable. With a wide range of entry panels and receivers to choose from, System 200 will meet the demands of most applications where price and functionality are key.

BPT System 300

One of the most advanced door entry systems ever launched in the UK, System 300 uses two wire upline signal transmission for maximum installation and cost efficiency. It is incredibly flexible and offers great value with distances of up to 800m between panel and controller and up to 750m from controller to monitor.


Using a standard CAT5 network, each block is able to accommodate hundreds of monitors and multiple entry panels. Video and audio handsets can be mixed throughout, with integral intercom functions and a host of additional features, XiP is designed to make an impression. Each handset or monitor is connected using a single pair of non-polarised wires, this means no need for time consuming installation of sockets or custom connection leads. Using the latest technical innovations in collaboration with some of the greatest Italian design houses, the range of monitors and entry panels continue the BPT tradition of market leading product design.

So if you need a great quality door entry system from a company with values take a look at our BPT range below.