Bell 901 Kit on Door Entry Direct

The 901 Kit from Bell is the industry standard door entry kit and continues to be one of the most popular systems on the market today. 

The kit comes complete with the 801 handset, which is one of the most popular handsets in the UK. It has been built from ABS plastic making it highly durable, and with its smooth finish it is easy to keep clean. It is possible to have up to three handsets per button if required.

The SPA1 entrance panel includes a sensitive nameplate which will activate wherever you press it, and includes the option to add a tradesman button. To add a tradesman button simply add the TR900 to your order which includes a timer clock.

The grill covering the speech unit does not compromise audio quality, and the speech unit is securely fixed to the rear of the plate, making for a great door entry system.


  • Vandal resistant screws for the front of the entry panel
  • Wide handset suitable for the elderly
  • High-impact ABS plastic handset
  • Corrosion resistant entry panel

So if its door entry you’re after, check out the 901 or give our friendly sales team a bell on 0208 621 6210