Bitron - Door Entry Kits

Bitron video kits are available in a number of ranges and styles with modular and vandal resistant entry panels available.

The analogue video uses four common wires and a wire for each user (4+n), so there is no need for coaxial cable for video distribution. Up to two monitors per PSU can be connected in parallel (using AV7362) and up to four monitors can be connected to each distributor.

Bitron T Line 2 and 5 wire video door entry kits

The video monitors feature an auxiliary service button that can be used to operate other devices such as stairwell lights or automated gates. Monitors are manufactured from ABS shockproof plastic and have an induction loop as standard. Monitors feature a 4 inch TFT display with alternative colour covers.

The entry panels included with the kits are slim (190 x 100 x 36 mm) with blue backlighting and feature large nameplates. Panels are wall mounted as standard or flush mounted with a flush box.