Bell System - Door Entry Audio and Video Phones

Audio Handsets

The model 801 telephone still proves to be the most popular in the UK market owing to its exceptional reliability and economical price. Recently the telephone has undergone a re-styling which, whilst maintaining its classic design, will ensure its popularity for many years to come. The model 801 telephone operates from 12V AC or 12 V DC and is included in the standard model 900 and VRK audio door entry systems.

Video Monitors

Bell video door entry monitors are easy to use and install with a straightforward interface and icons to clearly show each button's function. Models are available as desk mounted, surface mounted and in the case of the model BF version, the latest from Bell Systems, can be mounted surface or flush on the wall.

When installing a Bellissimo entry system in a larger property, it's recommended to add more than one video monitor per user. For this purpose, Bell have created the Bellissimo audio handset to their door entry range - a cost-effective solution without compromising the look of the system.