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1 button GSM AES system panel with keypad - surface



1 button GSM AES system panel with keypad - surface.

All in one design with GSM electronics inside.

Cell-Com 3E range

GSM intercom systems use mobile phone technology to communicate through existing cellular mobile telephone networks. All you need is a SIM card (not provided).

Benefits include..

  • No range limits at all.
  • Rings multiple numbers when the call button is pressed, so if you are not at home, you can receive a call on your mobile and grant access to your visitor.
  • Access control built in by telephone number recognition. Program in your friends and family numbers so that they can simply "ring your gate" to gain access".
  • No need for handsets inside your house, no cabling, no damage to decor!


  • Exclusive architectural design model.
  • Stainless steel curved front profile, surface mounted.
  • Modern neon blue back lighting which lights up the wall from behind the panel.
  • All in one GSM intercom, with GSM electronics built inside speech panel for fast, simple installation.
  • Dials up to 3 numbers in sequence when call button is pressed.
  • Incorporating access control by caller ID, for up to 100 authorised users.
  • Easy programming by SMS text.
  • Complete with power supply.

Please note the following additional features and changes which are now available on these AES GSM intercoms.

  • Momentary, latch and unlatch control of the output when the intercom calls a phone.
  • Send SMS to the intercom to trigger, latch or unlatch the relay.
  • Using a limit switch, users can send SMS to the intercom to check if their gate or door is opened or closed.
  • Users can send SMS to interrogate the unit in order to get a list of all programmed telephone numbers.
  • Open access mode - set in open access mode, any non stored number can call the intercom and press * to open. Password mode requires a 4 digit code.
  • For systems with separate GSM module and speech panel, shielded CAT5 is included in the kit, for a more universal wiring set up.
  • Increased speaker volume.
  • Better interference rejection thus cleaner audio.
  • Internal antenna inside the enclosure of the 3E models, so no need to mount separate antenna, unless in low reception areas. 3AB models still have external antenna as standard.
  • Scheduled calling or SMS sending an engineer can set intercom to make a scheduled call. This prevents low usage intercoms from having SIM cards switched off by the networks due to inactivity.
All of the upgraded versions will be labelled as V2.5 on the serial number label.

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